Animation process​​​​​​​
Step-by-step guide.
We know each project is different and these steps might vary, but our focus is to show how we bring to life an idea. From creating a story to animating a final video that will be ready to share with everyone.
Kick Off
The initiation phase marks the kick-off, where the project team gathers to outline goals, roles, and expectations, setting the foundation for a successful production.
A pivotal step, the script details the narrative, dialogues, and key actions, providing a crucial blueprint for the entire animation process. Client Feedback.
Story Board
Visualizing the script, a storyboard translates the narrative into a sequence of illustrated frames, helping the team visualize and plan the animation's flow and composition. Client Feedback.
Art Proposal
Before animation, an Art Proposal is crafted, outlining the visual style, color palette, and overall aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing final product. Client Feedback.
The core phase involves bringing the script and storyboards to life through animation, incorporating design elements, character movements, and scene transitions. Client Feedback.
Feedback & Sign Off
Throughout the process, and till the moment we deliver the final piece, we follow a specific timeline with dates that the client has to check and give feedback. Good feedback, on time, is important to make sure the process flows correctly. During the production, we’ll deliver WIP pieces in low resolution. To render a final piece, we need the client’s full approval.
​​​​​​​After the final version is approved, we deliver the high-quality file. Any changes beyond this point are possible but will incur an extra cost. It’s crucial to have a process approved to move on to the next stage. Once a process is approved, we can’t go back to previous stages; otherwise, the budget and due date will be affected.